Banish Bunion Pain from Dawn to Dusk

Discover the two-pronged solution for easing bunion pain-with our easy to use Bunion Pain Relief Set offering TWO separate solutions for treating your painful bunions.

Kick off the day with a lot less pain, by slipping the Gel Bunion Pad/Protector with its lightweight Stay-Put Loop inside your shoes. Constructed of medical grade soft white gel, this soothing Gel Bunion Guard protects and gently stretches your big toe; for all-day pain reduction and relief.

For night-time pain relief, slip on the Toe Gel Separator, so you can sleep soundly, with noticeable relief from bunion pain.

My feet were killing me today, and after only a trip to the store I decided to try these, I’ve had them for a while but didn’t hold much hope. Instant relief! I wore them under some boots and had to go out again and for once in my life, my toes don’t hurt. I hope this love affair lasts forever.

By Yankee2NY on April 8, 2015