Soft Gel TOE SPREADERS (also known as spacers or separators) are used for separating the big toe from the second toe. With a bunion, the big toe angles toward the second toe and may even press against it, creating new problems such as a corn. Gel toe spreaders will also help realign the big toe, resisting some of the soft tissue stress associated with a bunion.

I received the toe spacers and liked them immediately. I tried wearing them in shoes and it is fine, no cramming. They are easy to put on, soft and flexible so there is no abrasion or rubbing. I can’t even tell I have them on. I sleep with them to stop my hammer toe from running on my big toe and causing the nail polish to rub off in the corner. Pedicures can be costly. In fact, I will show my manicure lady how they work and how comfortable they are, so she can pass this information on to other clients. I am a very satisfied customer.

Rosemary,  April 22, 2015

In fact it feels better with the spacer on. I sleep with the spacer on my left foot. 8 hours or so every night. My second toe is straightening out! I have no discomfort. In fact it feels better with the spacer on…like a fantastic massage!

Maryon,  February 23, 2015

Works Great! I have hammertoes (each index toe next to the large toe), and the separators keep the 2 toes from rubbing on each other and overlapping. I had used plain gel inserts, but these work better as it goes around the index toe and stays in place.

Charles,  January 14, 2015