DenadaDance® toe stretchers are especially designed to straighten and realign problem toes while encouraging better circulation. All you have to do is wear them to see and feel remarkable results. Start off gently with a five-minute session and gradually increase the time as your feet and toes grown stronger and your posture improves.

My Dr was amazed! My massage therapy has helped and done wonders where my foot Dr. had given up. This is a miracle! I have purchased these for friends and family too.

Lisa D. , July 23, 2013

My toes have never been happier. I have been taking dance lessons and have always had problems with aching toes after practice. A friend of mine recommended me to try these toe stretchers, and I am so glad I did. They help to alleviate any aches right away. I would highly recommend these to anyone that dances or anyone that has any problems with their toes.

Latep (Amazon buyer’s nickname) ,  April 26, 2013

I Love These.  You know how think something that simple just cannot be effective? Well, you’d be wrong in this case. The first day I got them I wore them for five minutes and felt like I’d worked every muscle in my foot. I got them because I was developing a hammer toe and was having extreme pain in the ball of my foot. Here were are a couple of weeks later and I simply am stunned by how well they work. The benefits for my feet have been incredible and I’m able to stand, walk, run…and I’m going back to yoga. Well worth the money folks, well worth it!

Tamela, August 31, 2013